Moth collaborated with Droga5 and Google to create this series of quirky films highlighting the interconnectivity of the G-Suite platform. And what better characters to tell the story then the Cursors themselves, a bunch of squares on sticks? As Moth put it, "In animation, the simpler the character, the more fun the challenge!" Set completely within the Google world and chock-full of humor and personality, these cursors interact, edit, comment, dance, and race through business documents together. There are calm ones, over-excited ones, stressed ones, and suave heroes that seamlessly save the day. If there are cuter characters out there to symbolize collaboration within the work place, we haven't met them yet. 


Moth is a multi-award-winning animation studio formed by Daniel Chester, Dave Prosser, and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits.

Since collectively graduating from the Royal College of Art, they have quickly become renowned for their perceptive, emotive storytelling. Whether it’s examining the looming threat of artificial intelligence, the effects of rainforest deforestation, or the plight of refugees, their colorful, hand-drawn animation style and narrative cadence possess a maturity and profundity.

Their projects have been screened and awarded in festivals worldwide, including a BAFTA nomination for Matter Fisher in 2011, a British Animation award for HIAS: For the Refugee in 2016, a D&AD Graphite pencil and Annecy Crystal Award for their New York Times piece Modern Love: A Kiss, Deferred in 2016, as well as an ADC Young Gun Award and a YCN Professional Award for their greater portfolio of work.